Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Tea Party

The Free Tea Party (no has nothing to go with the "Tea Party" political group) is a man named Guisepi. He travels around in his made-over in his short school bus serving free tea! How cool is that? He is serving free tea to anyone who wants a cup. His mission statement is "The Free Tea Party cultivates community and encourages dialogue about peace, environment, and health through actions like serving free tea.". The Free Tea Party's goals are "To bring people of all classes and colors, shapes and sizes, political beliefs and philosophies together in order to foster a connection between those who normally would never have connected in conversation. In this way valuable ideas can be shared and a human face can be put on people who one may have never related to before.". His web site has a great links page and it would seam that you just never know where this bus is going to be but I hope to run into them some time! To date this man in his bus has served over 10,000 cups of free tea. That's a love lot of tea! Like I have always believed drinking a hot cup can bring people together this man is proof that it's true. I love this idea and truly inspired. http://www.freeteaparty.org/

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